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DRY LINE Basic - Folding Cloth Drying Stand / Cloth Dryer Rack with Stainless Steel Rust Proof Rods / Made In India

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Product details

Dry Line BASIC is an elegant looking foldable cloth drying stand for all types of cloths . All the drying rods are at least 3 inches apart from each other for proper ventilation and prevention of overlapping cloths . The foldable design allows the customer to fold and store the product easily which gives the stand a huge space saving attribute . The zig zag design of the product allows the customer to drag the stand easily in case of rains , etc .

Also the heavy material used allows the cloth dryer stand to remain firm in case of harsh winds . The stainless steel rods are high grade and water resistant . All components of the cloth dryer are manufactures by India by Dry Line 

About this item :

  • FOLDABLE AND SPACE SAVING DESIGN - This zig-zag interconnected design allows the user to fully extend and fold the stand according to the requirement .This modern design is very compact and space efficient .
  • WATER RESISTANT ( RUST PROOF ) - The rods are export quality graded stainless steel and the sides used in the stand are phosphated and then powder coated using 7 tank dip process which creates a layer of rust protection for all weather conditions . This increases the life of the product exponentially .
  • STRONG MATERIAL - Dry Line cloth drying stands are made of Strong industrial grade materials . These are high graded , very durable materials with high tensile strength .

  • USER FRIENDLY AND VENTILATED - The space between each rod is precise enough for the air flow to pass through easily ,drying the cloths faster .The rods are specifically positioned allowing them not to overlap and very user friendly to use .
  • EASY PICK AND MOVE - Due to the effortless folding design of the stand , its very easy to lift and move around the place .
  • MADE IN INDIA - This product is manufactured in India with all its materials/components used in the manufacturing of Dry Line cloth drying stands are from India as well .

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